Lycee Francais de San Francisco

Welcome to our Lycée Français de San Francisco school lunch program!  We hope you are all staying healthy during this unprecedented time.  

Following CDC guidelines and in conversation with the Lycee staff, we will be offering all cold prepackaged meals.  There will be 2 entrees each day, with accompaniments and snacks.   Students will continue to bring their own reusable eating utensils and napkins.  The cost for lunches for the 2021-2021 school year is $8.75, with an optional double entree size at $13.75.

All items that we provide are no nuts – everything.  We make every effort to ensure there is no cross contamination with any of these items, however they are in our kitchen.

Please remember that all lunch orders (and cancellations) must be completed 7 days in advance.  The school will notify us of any field trips or other closures as soon as they are aware of them.  We will then post this information on the calendars on HotLunchOnline and send you an email letting you know that it is your responsibility to cancel any lunch orders that have been placed for those days and a credit will remain on your account for future orders.

If this is your first visit to the website, you’ll create an account (click on the Create an Account link on the homepage) and then read through Getting Started for next steps. The website is simple and intuitive.  There are tutorials that will help you if you need to cancel a lunch or view your history.

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  • Our experience at Le Lycee de San Francisco is only very positive. Prior to starting at Le Lycee, my son's ordering of school lunches dwindled down to nothing. Now we are ordering at least half his lunches with you. You have succeeded in making good, tasty and healthy food for young people. In addition, he is opening himself to try new food. Thank you so much!

    Patricia G.