To all those who came by on Tuesday to support our decision to expand and grow Delicious Catering, as well as to those who could not make it, we thank you whole-heartedly for your well-wishes! Your presence and encouragement overwhelmed us. So many people went out of their way to praise every single member of our Delicious team for our hard work and the success of our move to 3241 Kerner Boulevard.

If you joined us on Tuesday, you may recall that a photographer was present at our celebration, ensuring he captured all the memories you helped us create on our special day. As the official photographer for the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce, he disclosed to us that out of all the ribbon-cutting ceremonies he’d been to in San Rafael, ours was one of the biggest: for this, we thank you again. Every single one of you has made a distinct impression on this business with the support you have given us; this past Tuesday was only a snapshot of the encouragement we have received over the years.

In our new location we will continue to work towards the bright future we envision for Delicious Catering, filled with a humble pride for what we offer to our community. We cannot possibly be any more excited to share our future adventures with you all as we move forward!