We believe in doing everything in our power (pun, intended) to protect our earth and its valuable resources.  It has been 10 years since we became Marin County’s first Green catering company.  At that time we signed up for PG&E’s Light Green 50% renewable energy service.  Today we are still the only Green catering company in Marin and our commitment has become stronger. 

Now we have committed to PG&E’s Deep Green 100% Renewable Energy program through the Marin Clean Energy system.  All of the power we buy for our business comes from 100% non-polluting, Green-e Energy certified resources. Green-e Energy certified resources include wind and solar power produced in California.  It is a very affordable step for us and we are pleased to contribute to the development of new, local renewable energy projects.  Thank you, MCE Clean Energy, for giving us the opportunity to help our local community and the whole world!