We all know the beauty of late summer weather in the Bay Area.  With that in mind, it is not a surprise how many of life’s celebrations many people choose to have this time of year.  In September, we catered 8 weddings, 7 life cycle events, 6 Jewish holiday events, 5 non-profit events, and 4 events as benefits, staff appreciation, award dinners, or fundraiser.  All totaled over 2,600 people fed at our events, plus 5,300 packaged snack boxes and burritos for Byte foods, and over 3,500 school lunches for La Scuola and Lycee Francais de San Francisco.  Doing the math, that is 11,400 meals in 30 days, or 380 meals per day, phew!  Although, there is a temptation to close up shop and take a few days off, the craziness continues into October.  Wow.   For as tired as we may be, we are mostly invigorated by the adrenaline of being part of so many lives.

Amid all these events, there are a few that especially remind us of what makes a month like this so special.  For example, we were honored to be chosen to cater the Bar Mitzvah celebration for the young man for which whom we did his Baby Naming celebration 13 years ago!  (Maybe we can also do his wedding in a decade or two!)  Plus, the treasured privilege of how many families that have included us in their Jewish holiday celebrations for an unknown number of years.  Our computer system, that started in 1995, does not account for the events we celebrated with them prior to our digital age!

Thank you to all who have included us in your celebrations and remembrances!  We look  forward to many more.