Covid restriction social distancing got you down?  Let us pick you up!  Delicious! Catering has been celebrating with our Jewish community for 45 years and we’ve got you this year too!

Rosh Hashanah is the celebration of the Jewish New Year.  Yom Kippur, which follows after ten days of repentance, is the Day of Atonement.  Both of these holidays are normally celebrated in the synagogue with hundreds of other people.  But as we know too well, 2020 is anything but normal.  At a time when people are craving human and spiritual connection, we still cannot gather – even for these holiest of holidays. 

Delicious! Catering would like to help the Jewish families in our community find a way to bring some normalcy back into their lives.  Celebrating at home with your immediate family will not be the same as gathering in shul, but we can provide you with the traditional and familiar holiday foods you remember from celebrations past. 

Rosh Hashanah gatherings will be on Friday, Sep 18th or Saturday, Sep 19th.  We will be braising brisket and chicken paprikash.  We are offering traditional dishes of kasha varnishkas, sweet noodle kugel, and matzohball soup.  Our salad will be plentiful with apples and pomegranates.  And we will be supporting our local Sweet Things bakery by offering Rose’s Honey Cake for dessert! 

Break the Fast on Yom Kippur will be celebrated on Monday, Sep 28th.  The fast starts at sunset the night before and you will be hungry!  We’ve got you covered!  We will be making Break the Fast Boxes that you can pick up from us that afternoon.  Each box will be filled with all of the yummy goodness you will want to devour as soon as the sun slips beneath the horizon. 

To view the complete menu, go to our website and click on the Jewish Holidays button in the top banner.  To place your order, contact us at or call us at 415.453.3710. 

While you are on our website, check out our curbside meal pickup and delivery program which has been going strong for the last few months.  We are excited to have you order for the Jewish Holidays and hope you will order for other days as well. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!